Coven of Celsus – Heather – vol. 2 signed by Randy V


The family to die for is back. In this highly anticipated second installment of the series, sinister forces overwhelm the coven as Celsus secures the final member needed to complete his wicked dynasty. But the masters secret desire for his exquisite sister Sophia infuriates the rebellious Heather, who remains unable to reconcile her love for the coven with her jealousy. Can the women of the coven save Heather from herself, or will an act of betrayal be their undoing? Meanwhile, a formidable new enemy by the name Werner Hilgenfeldt arises. He is a corpulent tyrant bent on subjugating Celsus and enslaving the world. Overconfident, overweight, and out of his pudgy depth, little does Hilgenfeldt suspect that attempting to unlock the master's DNA and seize the coven's beloved Sakura will open the door to his worst nightmare. In the City of Angels, Megan and Tara, their beauty matched only by their taste for revenge, cleanse the church of another cancer, while a storm brews for Linzie in the Pacific Northwest. In Coven of Celsus – Heather, our favorite cast of seductive characters plays host to a series of orgies that would make the Marquis de Sade proud.

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